by Sic Vita

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released December 13, 2013

History was written, performed and made by Sic Vita
Lyrics for 2, 3, 5 & 6 by Armand Cabral
Lyrics for Northern Whispers by Justin Laclé
Lyrics for Ad Nauseam by Cabral, Laclé and Platt
Additional vocals by Harrison, Platt and Remick
Piano and string arrangements by Justin Laclé and Theo Remick
Additional lyrics for Casting Bigger Shadows by Mike Sun
Vocals on 2, 3 & 6 by Ike Dodge, Alison Gould and Liz Keating
Recorded and made historically accurate by Scott Riebling
Mixed by Dan Korneff
Mastered by Tom Waltz at Waltz Mastering (Boston)
Art Direction by Matthew Smith
Photography by Gary Lawrence



all rights reserved


Sic Vita Boston, Massachusetts

Sic Vita’s brand of Southeastern, MA rooted alternative rock is characterized by its vigorous guitar lines while maintaining a high level of personal integrity through story driven lyrical and melodic content. Having been likened to the sounds of groups such as Saosin and Anberlin, the unadulterated intensity is vastly abound in a live set that breaks the wall between the patrons and the artist. ... more

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Track Name: Northern Whispers (It's Just Another Scene)
It’s just another scene
Jealousy’s a mirror shattered on the floor
On the bedroom floor
And your reflection of pride
Is where the truth lays at sea
With Pacific tides

Around the corner
There’s a second place trophy
For the heavy hearted
(Just another scene he won’t believe
He’s suffocating, heavy hearted)
As he chokes the lung
That keeps him breathing

Poison the mind with suspicion
Condition me with certainty It’s a feeling so involuntary
It scars the eyes with greed

Another moment lost
Suffocate time, strike the world at large
(I won’t know where we’ll be
This is the end of me)
Excuse the poor description
Attention’s just a decoration of envy
(And I’ll opt for foreign seas
I’ll opt for foreign seas)
Staring at the ceiling
Waiting for a holiday to spark a whisper
As he chokes the clock
That keeps on ticking

So we sing
Track Name: Casting Bigger Shadows
I can’t deny what’s been compromised
Yet we’re assured we’re healing
Faster with novocaine
It thickens blood, it thins the mud
That weighs us down here to the surface
I’ll deny it all because gravity
Never made much sense to me
The ground is such a cold place to be
I’ll renounce the air I breathe

These sins won’t weigh me down
Travel light but never empty

The storm will never meet the eye
The silence screams throughout the night
Take a chance to realize that these lives
Are something more than paved in gold

Reverse polarity
Burn the maps, the tracks are traps
Invade all those misconceptions
I’m longing for release
Something sweet for me to sink my teeth
But this jaw begins to creak

These scars won’t put me out
So soothe these ears with something deadly
Track Name: Atlas
Better days are a fiteen minute drive
Sixty-five, I’m singing all the way
But St. Valentine who gave me all these lines
Didn’t know a thing from let or right
When it meant life or death

But Atlas, help me find the strength
To hold onto all these truths
And in the end you will see
A different side of me
A better me, the same old me
(What you see will always be
The same for you and me)

But when push comes to shove
We’re allowing all this pressure
Down on our shoulders
But it’s not the weight of the world

Persisting on twisting where my heart lies
Are we choking on this air?
Are we in the stratosphere?
Cause I’m revelating and contemplating
How you don’t understand
That these consequences bare reaction

But at last, I will find the strength
To hold onto all these truths
And in the end you will see
A different side of me
A better me, the same old me
(What you see will always be
The same for you and me)

Differences, differences
Make all the difference in the world
Track Name: Ad Nauseam
I’m alone in your fight
When Rome rises to expose all of your lies
Disregard all you’ve had in the past
Toe-to-toe with what you no longer know

Can’t you see where this is going?
I called fives on sight for your life
When the truth came to light

You always had the distant past
You always hailed to keep it safe
The chance to call the shots tonight
The severance of bygones
Will always be misplaced
With all the sympathy
That you could never trace
Reconcile this vice

There’s a fault in the west
When your only fears
Were the odds to disappear
You always know that I’m alone in your fight
When Rome rises to expose all your lies
Numbers grow but the gain doesn’t show
It’s the gift of what you could never own
(You owe, you owe, what you could never own)

Can’t you see where this is going?
She called fives on sight for your life
Before the truth came to light

There’s a break in bend
A tangent in your hand
But you always seem to settle for
The dividing of your heart
You were conquered from the start
Always the slave of history
Track Name: Voices
In time these ends
Will begin to erode these walls
I always knew there was more to the other side
There was disconnection, now roaring plains
We’re counting days on callouses left
In our throats and on our feet
Tear down the cherry tree
So the sun blinds out her face
There was never a time or place
Or so the stories told
Through the days we left alone
In the space we had to grow
There’s a calm we had never known

Let all these voices evaporate
And if by chance I wake the dead
You’ll see they’re only memories

I was never one for horizon lines
All the while you makeshit
The boundaries of your maps with mine
Keep prying, resize me
Into your cut out cardboard menagerie
This change of scenery
Never led the currents to rapids
Or the oceans I seek
Recurring, I’m burning down
Every bridge you ever built for
I’ll leave you in the dark
Cast aside the architects
Of your less than grand design
This manifest destiny will lead me in
The shepard of this existential flock

Contingencies were killing me
Three’s had no charm
You’ll forever be in the dark
You’re no Holy Ghost
I’ll leave you in the dark
Track Name: Sight
Circumvent the truth inside, deter every word
Exercise all your rights so that all your crimes
Will never make, never make a sound

Never live for things unsaid
All your hopes in the coma’s stead
You can’t see the light before your eyes
But you’re not alone
There’s a truth in every heartache

Forgive all the doubt they dealt to you
Forget all the pain that you’ve been through
I’ll always attest to this cardiac arrest
So just let it go

Every move’s a free for all
So afraid the loss remains
Every thought’s a getaway
Your veins map out the interstates
Car stereos anthem your great escape

Never lie through other’s teeth
The distance always keeps you in reach
But what you hide
Its got nothing on me

Mark my words
Just know that all these roads
Will carry home

We’ve got so far to go
We’re always in too deep
But on the other side of town
Everyone’s got the same routine
And the journey never sleeps
So you escape the honesty
But we all know deep inside
You’ve got nothing to hide